Hey Y'all introduces its 2nd new flavour of the summer

Josh Duncan | May 14, 2018 in Food & Wine

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At this pace, there will be 20 new flavours of Hey Y’all by Labour Day.

The popular B.C.-based beverage company already introduced its new Raspberry Hard Iced Tea in March, and now there’s another new flavour to try.

Hey Y’all Southern Mint Hard Iced Tea is on store shelves and waiting to be cracked open at a backyard barbecue this long weekend.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Hey Y'all

The drink has come a long way since starting with three flavours, Georgia Peach Iced Tea, Original Hard Iced Tea and Hard Iced Tea and Lemonade, a few years ago.

Huckleberry Hard Iced Tea was added to the lineup two years ago before Carolina Watermelon Hard Iced Tea made its debut last summer, and now these two new flavours spice things up even more.

Not to mention the company has also created Texas Tequila Lime and Kentucky Sweet Bourbon Hard Iced Teas as part of its ‘Sippin Series.’

Are you a Hey Y’all fan? And if so what’s your favourite flavour? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Hey Y'all

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