VIDEO: Footage of Atlas being reunited with his family is beyond heartwarming

Josh Duncan | March 14, 2019 in Must See Video

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The entire Okanagan and beyond breathed a collective sigh of relief on Wednesday when news broke of Atlas returning home.

The 18-month-old golden retriever was stolen from a fenced Kelowna yard on Saturday night, leaving his family heartbroken and searching for answers.

Photo Credit: Taylor Galt
Taylor Galt and his dog Atlas.

Word of the situation spread like wildfire and it soon seemed like tens of thousands of eyes were on the lookout for any sign of the dog.

On Wednesday, thanks to all the work from the public and the local RCMP, Atlas was reunited with his family in a Penticton Shell station parking lot.

As if everyone wasn’t happy enough with the outcome, Atlas’ owner Taylor Galt made everyone’s heart even happier on Wednesday night when he shared footage of his reunion with Atlas.

The retriever hops out of a police car in that Shell station parking lot and barrels right towards Galt.

His happy whines are enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes, Atlas gives Galt a big hug, gets some well deserved belly scratches and can, for obvious reasons, barely contain his excitement.

Talk about a happy ending!

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