VIDEO: Late Late Show host James Corden pokes fun at BC Ferries mask signage

Josh Duncan | November 20, 2020 in Must See Video

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Last week, BC Ferries unveiled its new signage that reminds passengers to wear a mask.

It didn’t take long for people to see something in the photo other than a man wearing a mask.

The unintentionally phallic nature of the sign quickly went viral and was the subject of many jokes, which has continued internationally this week.

On Wednesday night’s edition of The Late Late Show, host James Corden did a quick bit poking fun at the new signage.

“A company in Canada is getting a lot of attention online for its sign encouraging people to wear a mask, because, well, you’ll see it when you see it,” he said before the sign pops up on the screen.

“Sorry, I can’t hear, I’ve got a penis in my ear! I mean, talk about graphic design. Right? It’s a play on words.”

The sign then pops up on screen again and Corden calls out one of his staff members, as there’s currently no public audience at his shows, for not noticing the first time around.

“Susan, did you only just see it? It came on the second time and all I hear is Susan go ‘ooohh!’ How did you not see it, Susan? He’s got a giant d**k in his ear!”

It’s only been one week since the sign was first spotted, but it’s taken on a life of its own and that’s certainly highlighted by its appearance on late night television.

However, BC Ferries has confirmed that the sign will soon be replaced with a new version.

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