VIDEO: Lower Mainland driver uses interesting tactic to help stranded taxi up snowy hill

Josh Duncan | February 11, 2019 in Must See Video

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Snow hit the Lower Mainland on Sunday and everybody lost their minds.

As is often the case on the coast, the majority of drivers were not prepared for the snow and it left traffic at a standstill in multiple areas.

In Surrey, a taxi without winter tires was having its fair share of issues driving up a snow-covered hill in one residential area.

Another vehicle, an SUV that seemed more prepared for the elements, came to the taxi’s rescue, but it helped out in a very strange matter.

The SUV positioned itself behind the taxi and a passenger from one of the vehicles sat on its hood with their feet up against the taxi.

It allowed the SUV to help the taxi up the hill without having to touch bumpers or use rope to pull the stranded cab.

Jonnie P. Daguno caught the encounter on video and posted it to Facebook and the video has quickly gone viral with 254,000 views in just 11 hours.

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