VIDEO: Zamboni catches fire while ice cleaning between periods

Dylan McCullough | October 16, 2020 in Must See Video

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It's wasn't just the hot chocolate steaming at a recent hockey practice in upstate New York. 

On Wednesday night, fire and ice met head-on when the arena's Zamboni caught ablaze while resurfacing the ice in between practices. 

Thankfully no one was hurt, but videos of the flaming Zamboni making it's while between the blue lines have quickly gone viral. 

According to local ABC affiliate 13 WHAM, a hose on the vehicle broke, which leaked fluid onto the motor and caused the fire.

The driver can be seen driving the Zamboni machine off the ice and into a far corner outside the rink, where the flames are then apparently put out.

There's also a shaded-red path left where the vehicle drove on its way out of the rink, potentially giving away the fluid leak.

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