Limits on cannabis ‘downright offensive’ says Canadian Police Association

Dylan McCullough | October 10, 2018 in National News

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The Canadian Police Association has publicly criticized the potential limits on cannabis for officers.

Calling the approach of certain police forces to cannabis use “nonsensical” and “downright offensive” the association questioned what certain forces are treating cannabis differently than other legal products.

Both the RCMP and the Toronto police service say they are considering a rule that would prohibit cannabis use by members within 28 days of a shift.

Photo Credit: NowMedia.

Calgary police service is considering completely prohibiting officers from consuming marijuana during their down time once recreational use of the drug becomes legal.

Tom Stamatakis, president of the Canadian Police Association, says There has been no meaningful consultation on the drafting and implementation of cannabis policies for officers, which vary drastically from force to force.

“You want to create policies that are relevant and effective and that apply to the vast majority of your members, not policies that are designed to cater to the exception rather than the rule.”

The Ottawa and Vancouver police services are among those with permissive policies that will allow off-duty cannabis use with no time restrictions, as long as officers show up ready and able to do their jobs

Impairment, including impairment as a result of alcohol, opioids, cannabis or any other legal or illegal drug, is prohibited in all federal workplaces.

However, with a week until cannabis legalization, Workplaces across the country are grappling with rules on cannabis use.

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