New organic bakery and café opens in downtown Kelowna today

Dayne Patterson | August 8, 2018 in Food & Drink

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Joining the string of new restaurants sprouting haphazardly in the core of Kelowna is a new drink and delicacy shop intended to become the newest community bakery.

Sprout Bread Shop is the outcome of a decade-long dream for Peter van Boekhout, owner and sole proprietor of the bread shop, and he is ready to take the completed product out of the oven today.

"I started off as a barista making coffee and then I got into sourdough baking. I originally wanted to have my own café and then as I got into baking I was like, 'I would love to have my own bakery café' and [I combined] my two passions," explained van Boekhout, who has over five years experience in the kitchen craft. 

Sprout will be offering coffee, pastries, bread, toast, sandwiches and snack fixes for in-house customers to enjoy while lounging in a space that van Boekhout was audibly excited about.

"We're just trying to create a nice space for people to come and enjoy the space, enjoy the people around them, enjoy their neighbourhood and have some quality product to either take home or enjoy [in-house]."

However, the to-be newlywed is saving the shop's grand opening for September as he prepares for his big day and will restrict the menu to coffee, pastries and organic, in-house made bread for the time being.

Although Sprout does not feature any gluten-free options, Van Boekhout is encouraging gluten intolerant folks who find it difficult to digest standard supermarket bread to give his naturally fermented and locally sourced sourdoughs a try.

Despite the majority of his bread being the outcome of natural fermentation, he will also offer other eats like ciabatta and focaccia.

He expects that his table loaf, which makes a good clamp for sandwiches and a great canvas for jam, will be the most popular of his bread.

The Sprout Bread Shop was set to open late July, but some chance delays pushed the big day back and now we'll get our first taste of Sprout today!

You can sniff out the fresh bread at 1295 Cannery Lane; the shop will be operating from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

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