Kelowna coffee shop has new name following legal battle with American company

John Luke Kieper | May 31, 2020 in Kelowna

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A Kelowna coffee shop is officially looking to the future following a legal battle with a multi-billion dollar company in the US

After being sued for a trademark issue, "Canoe Coffee" was ordered to go through a rebrand. On Saturday, the shop officially announced their new name would be "Bright Jenny."

Named after founder David Upshaw's wife Jen, Bright Jenny is all about bringing light, bright, and sparkly service with a personality to customers. They named the store after Jen because of her inspirational personality, and for the fact she was one of the chief reasons the business started in the first place. 

Photo Credit: Bright Jenny

"The name Bright Jenny brings a few things together," wrote Bright Jenny. "First, we’ve always been on a mission to create coffees that are light, bright, sparkly, and true to origin."

"Coffee with personality! That’s where Jenny comes in. We’re named after our founder Dave’s wife, who is a sparkly character and kind of his muse and inspiration. She’s also the reason our business started in the first place."

 The shop never planned to rebrand, though they are ecstatic about what they've created. 

"We are immensely stoked and incredibly proud to introduce you to Bright Jenny! Rebranding wasn’t something we ever imagined doing, but now that we’re here we could not be more in love with what we’ve created."

"Thank you to everyone for the unwavering support and love as we hatched our new identity. We hope you dig it as much as we do."

In addition to the rebrand, Bright Jenny has also expanded, to include extra cafe sitting at the "Bright Lab" across the street. The open-concept warehouse offers coffee classes, concerts, and more. 

Welcome to the scene Bright Jenny, we love the name! 

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