NowMedia Group announces Gary Vaynerchuk and Amy Landino as the first two keynote speakers for 2020’s Level Up Conference

NowMedia Staff | January 20, 2020 in Business

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It’s official – one of the most sought-after speakers in the world is coming to Kelowna on October 23 this year. 

Gary Vaynerchuk – who is a serial entrepreneur, chairman of VaynerX, CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia, best-selling author, host of a global top 10 business podcast and known by most as “Gary Vee” – will hit the stage at the Level Up Future of Business Conference in the fall. 

Joining him on the roster is another star from Vayner Speakers, Amy Landino. 

This powerhouse female speaker is a leading authority when it comes to digital attention, with over 20 million views on her successful YouTube series. She is also a best-selling author on vlogging and co-owner of The Landino Group, a modern media company.

“We appreciate all of the support the business community gave last fall by attending the Level Up Executive Leadership Conference,” says Karen Montgomery, NowMedia operations manager and Level Up co-ordinator.

"We had a world class lineup of speakers for a jam-packed day of learning, but we promise that this year will be even bigger and better! This is just the beginning of the exciting announcements for this conference, and we can’t wait to share it with our community.”

To register to see Gary Vaynerchuk and Amy Landino (more to be announced soon!) click here!

The roster from 2019’s Level Up Conference included two former Prime Ministers of Canada, the former VP of marketing and CMO of Beats by Dre, a CEO and leadership mentor, two female powerhouse entrepreneurs, a former NBA player and a local tech mogul.

Over $500,000 was spent on bringing speakers to Kelowna and over 1,300 people attended the event giving incredibly positive feedback on the conference.

What can you expect from Level Up this year? 

Another roster of sought-after speakers, innovative disruptors and business-focused visionaries sharing their knowledge with likeminded people who are seeking to Level Up.

They are not only putting on the largest business conference to ever come to Kelowna this October, but leading up to the big day there are three mini-events called the Level Up Speaker Series.

Aligning with the conference focus of The Future of Business, the three Speaker Series events will focus on The Future of HR & Recruiting, The Future of Sales and the Future of Social Media Marketing and SEO.

For information and tickets to the Level Up Future of Business Conference, click here.

For all upcoming Level Up events, click here.

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