All Okanagan playgrounds are now open to the public

Josh Duncan | June 1, 2020 in Okanagan

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Every municipal government, regional district and school district in the Okanagan, from Penticton to Vernon, is reopening playgrounds starting today.

“Once barriers are removed, such as caution tape or fencing, it will signify that playgrounds have been inspected and are now open for public use,” said a news release. 

“Residents are asked to refrain from using these spaces until parks staff remove closed signs, fencing and caution tape. Waterparks will remain closed at this time.”

Photo Credit: City of Kelowna

Although the playgrounds are now open, residents are still urged to exercise caution and follow the provincial health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which includes:

Playgrounds were closed across the Okanagan in mid-March due to COVID-19 and all involved parties have been working collaboratively of late to determine the best timing for them to reopen.

Information regarding waterparks and indoor recreation facilities will be provided by each respective municipality as each facility has unique factors to consider in that decision.

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