Dog seized in Penticton after vet discovers it was reported missing in another province

Megan Trudeau | June 29, 2020 in Okanagan

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A dog that was reported missing in another province has now been reunited with her rightful owner after a Penticton veterinarian discovered a pet license during a medical check up.
Penticton Dog Control said that they seized the dog after it was taken to a clinic. The individual brought the dog in for a check up, and mentioned to the vet that they had found her in another province and decided to keep her. 

“During the exam, they conveyed they had found the dog in another province and said it was a stray only wearing a collar, so they took it,” explained dog control.
The dog was now wearing a new harness that had a new name tag with a new name on it, but the individual showed the vet a collar that had the original licence on it.
“The veterinary clinic contacted us right away and we have since seized the dog and spoken with the owner who has been looking for their dog since June 19, 2020,” added dog control.

The dog’s owner then drove across two provinces to pick up his dog, Brandi.
“We hope that this post helps show the importance of having licence identification or permanent identification on your dog,” Penticton Dog Control said. 
“Also, we can't stress enough how important it is to contact your local Animal Control to report a dog you have found.”

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