Here is why Kalamalka Lake changes colours

Savannah Bagshaw | August 18, 2019 in Okanagan

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Without a doubt, Kalamalka Lake is one of the most beautiful spots in the valley, and right up there with some of the province’s top summer destinations. 

And how could it not be? With its stunning colour changing waters that go from a deep blue to a dazzling turquoise and in some spots even glimmering emerald green, it truly is an incredible sight. 

It makes you wonder what secrets the lake is holding, to give it the almost magical power to transform throughout the seasons. Well BC Parks has the answer and no, it’s not sorcery — it’s science! 

The North Okanagan lake is known to be one of a small handful of “Marl Lakes” in Canada. Marl Lakes house an abundance of calcium carbonate, or more specifically, limestone. 

In the summer months, the warmer temperatures encourage the carbonates to form crystals, which then reflect the sunlight to the surface, giving the lake it’s unique color-changing quality  — much like a mood ring! 

When winter rolls around, the colder weather makes the crystals dissolve replacing the tropical-esque waters with a cool blue. 

Regardless of what season it is, the 16 kilometre lake is a vision of beauty 365 days of the year!

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