Penticton company steps into Dragons Den

Stephanie Hilash | April 14, 2018 in Penticton

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A local Penticton company will have their chance to prove themselves in front of the Dragons Den at the end the month.

Winecrush was founded by Bill Broddy and Tyson Still. Both owners had no background in culinary prior to their dream.

Their selection of cured meats, cheeses and salts are the perfect wine pairings.

It did not take long for them to realize that they had a one-of-a-kind product that people from the Okanagan loved.

What makes their product so different is the key ingredient used.

Broddy had the idea to incorporate the crushing’s from grapes as a yeast source and a preservative.

“We have minimal nitrate in our products. The grape seeds and skin act as a natural preservative for the meat which gives it a longer shelf life and a unique taste,” says Still.

The cured meats paired with the grape crush gave life to products such as Cabernet Salami, Pinot Gris Turkey sausage and Gamay goat cheese, to name a few.

In March, Winecrush had the chance to audition in front of the dragons.

After being told they would be contacted in three weeks, Still was surprised to receive a phone call one week later.

“They ended up taking some samples from us and we heard back from them the next Thursday. They said they wanted us on the show to film,” says Still.

Though Still is unsure whether or not they will be on T.V., he is taking this opportunity to better himself and the company.

“We are looking to expand into Ontario. Basically what we are doing is developing a local company that can be replicated around the world so we can sell franchises. But we really want to focus on keeping that local feel,” said Still.

These dreams do not seem too far off considering they have nearly doubled their product, sales and partnerships since establishment only two years ago.

“It is a relief because we worked so hard to build this company. Not having retail experience or knowing how to work deals with groceries means that we have come very far and built a very successful company that has grown so much in only its second year,” says Still.

Winecrush will be pitching their product on April 27, in Toronto.

Local Community Advertising

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