BC drivers should prepare for a province-wide speeding enforcement blitz

Dylan McCullough | May 14, 2019 in Provincial

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Drivers across B.C. should be prepared for a speeding enforcement blitz this coming Victoria Day long weekend.

According to ICBC, officers are prepping to step up enforcement after a new study showed 540 people were injured in 2,300 car crashes during the same weekend in 2017.

That same study stated that 72% of respondents said they have felt unsafe as a passenger in a vehicle they consider to be speeding.

“With speed the number one cause of car crash fatalities in B.C., it’s no wonder people are concerned,” ICBC said on Tuesday.

Drivers are reminded that speed limits along several major highway routes in B.C. were recently reduced:

Those caught speeding can face a variety of fines, starting with $138 for doing more than 20km/hr over the speed limit. 

Drivers clocked going 40km/hr over the limit will face a $368 ticket and a vehicle impoundment of seven days plus towing fees. 

For more information on how ICBC treats speeding offenses, click here.

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