Lower Mainland driver issued ticket for snow covered windshield

Dylan McCullough | February 11, 2019 in Provincial

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There’s a long-running joke across Canada that the Lower Mainland shuts down with less than a centimetre of snow on the ground.

Well, the region is dealing with much more snow than a centimetre this week and not all residents are handling it properly.

On Monday, Richmond RCMP tweeted a picture displaying a ticket for not properly clearing snow from your windshield and the guilty vehicle.

As evident by the photo of the ticket, failing to properly clear all snow from all the windows of your car can result in a $109 fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.

The Lower Mainland is expecting another bout with winter tonight when up to 15 cms of snow is expected before the morning. Hopefully, drivers have their snowbrushes ready to go. 

Can you say snow day!?

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