'Never drive over a fire hose,': Firefighters plea to public to be smarter around fires following incident in Vancouver

John Luke Kieper | May 28, 2022 in Provincial

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Vancouver-area firefighters were at a loss for words when a group of them were put at risk following a poor decision from a member of the public. 

According to Vancouver Fire, while members were taking down a two-alarm blaze, a motorist drove over their hose line. The incident occurred sometime before 6 pm on Friday. 

Photo Credit: Van Firefighters

"At a two Alarm Fire in South Van today motorists put the lives of firefighters and the public at risk by driving over our five-inch supply line," wrote the group. 

The public is reminded that the water supply is the biggest tool firefighters have to stay safe. 

"This water supply is our lifeline. Imagine being inside a burning home and the water stops."

For those who don't know, someone caught running over a fire hose can be hit with an $81 fine. They'd also receive two demerit points on their driver's license. 

"Never drive over a fire hose, please."

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