UPDATE: Princeton Wildfire is now 100% contained

Liz Brown | July 31, 2017 in Provincial

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(UPDATE: July 31st @ 12:54 p.m.) -  The Princeton Wildfire is currently at 3,278 hectares in size. The fire is currently being held and is listed at 100% contained. 

There are 100 firefighters, one helicopter, and one incident management team, and support staff working on the scene. 

(UPDATE: July 22nd @ 12 p.m.) - The fire reaches 100% containment.

The Princeton wildfire is still listed at 3,300 hectares but has achieved 100% containment and is now considered 'being held.'

Under the current weather conditions and fire suppression activity, the Kamloops Fire Centre doesn't expect additional growth on this fire.

Still, there are 163 firefighters, an incident management team, six aircraft, and heavy equipment on standby.

(UPDATE: July 21st @ 12:15 p.m.) - There's more good news out of Princeton.

The wildfire burning just north of the town is now listed at 90% contained and it remains at 3,300 hectares, where it has been since Saturday, July 15th.

The same crews and resources that were fighting the fire on Thursday remain on scene.

Photo Credit: David Pinda

(UPDATE: July 20th @ 2:30 p.m.) - The Princeton Wildfire continues to burn at 3,300 hectares but is now listed at 80% contained. 

There are now 168 firefighters, 10 helicopters, one incident management team, and 16 pieces of heavy equipment at the scene with 14 industry personnel on standby.

(UPDATE: July 18th @ 3:30 p.m.) - The Princeton Wildfire is still burning at 3,300 hectares but is currently listed at 60% contained.

There are now 180 firefighters, 11 helicopters, one incident management team, and 16 pieces of heavy equipment at the scene with 14 industry personnel on standby.

(UPDATE: July 17th @ 12:30 p.m.) - The Princeton Wildfire is now listed as 50% contained.

It remains at an estimated 3,300 hectares, which it has been since the start of the weekend.

A Saskatchewan Incident Management Team has assumed command of the fire, which has 200 firefighters, 30 pieces of heavy equipment and 10 helicopters on scene. 

(UPDATE: July 16th @ 11:15 a.m.) - The Princeton Wildfire has not seen any growth in the last 48 hours. It is holding at approximately 3,300 hectares in size and is 40% contained.

There are currently 173 firefighters, nine helicopters, 30  pieces of heavy equipment, and 28 industry personnel on standby. There is also an incident management team working on the fire from Saskatchewan.

One of the challenges that crews have been dealing with is an increase in wind activity this weekend, which is expected to continue throughout the day today. Tomorrow winds are expected to die down a little bit an increase in temperature is expected as we move into the week.

(UPDATE: July 15th @ 12 p.m.) -  The Princeton fire has grown another 300 hectares.

The Princeton wildfire has grown to 3,300 hectares in size and is still seeing a 35% containment figure.

On Saturday, there are 139 firefighters, one incident management team, nine helicopters and 30 pieces of heavy equipment assigned to fight the fire.

There are also 28 industry personnel on standby.

Crews will continue to build a hand guard on that fire, as well as continue to lay a house around the perimeter.

For updates on evacuations, go to the Regional District of the Okanagan Similkameen website.

(UPDATE: July 14th @ 10 a.m.) -  Some good news came out of Princeton on Friday morning.

Not only does the wildfire just north of town remain at 3,000 hectares, but it's gone from 10% to 35% contained in the last 24 hours.

According to the latest information from the BC Wildfire Service, the biggest priority remains protecting structures in the area.

"Mop up will continue along a majority of the cat guards built. Possible burn outs will occur in various locations as weather and conditions permit. Crews and heavy equipment will continue to build guard. Hose lay will continue around the perimeter of the fire. The primary focus of crews will be building guard in areas closest to structures."

An extra firefighter and 13 more pieces of heavy equipment joined the battle since Friday, pushing the total numbers up to 156 firefighters, 30 pieces of heavy equipment and nine helicopters. 

(UPDATE: July 13th @ 9 a.m.) -  The Princeton Wildfire grew slightly between Wednesday and Thursday, from 2,700 hectares to 3,000 hectares.

There is good news, however, as the fire is now listed as 10% contained.

An Incident Management Team is in control of the site that has 155 firefighters, 17 pieces of heavy equipment and nine helicopters battling the blaze.

The fire, which is just north of Princeton, has caused many evacuation orders and alerts that you can learn more about on the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen website.

According to Chief Fire Information Officer, Kevin Skrepnek, there will be controlled burns along the southwest side of the fire on Thursday.

(Thumbnail photo by @shebee6 on Instagram)

(UPDATE: July 12th @ 10:15 a.m.) - For the first time since it sparked on Friday, July 7th, the wildfire burning near Princeton didn't grow from one day to the next.

The blaze stayed put at 2,700 hectares, which is the same size it was estimated at on Tuesday morning.

A few more resources were placed on scene on Tuesday as there are now 147 firefighters, 17 pieces of heavy equipment and eight helicopters battling the blaze.

The fire remains out of control with 0% contained. 

(UPDATE: July 11th @ 9 a.m.) - The wildfire north of Princeton grew from 2,000 hectares on Monday to 2,700 hectares on Tuesday morning.

An Incident Management Team remains in control of the site that has 140 firefighters, 29 industry personnel eight helicopters and 14 pieces of heavy equipment fighting the blaze.

"The objectives are to continue to build machine guards, lay hose lines, salvage the safe perimeter around the fire with the focus being on those structures or areas where there are structures close to the fire," said Tracy Wynnyk from the Kamloops Fire Center. "Trying to keep the fire from spreading into potential interface areas or closer to any structures, that will be the primary focus, and then the other areas will get worked as well."

One thing helping the cause on Tuesday morning is a lack of significant winds as there is only a low to moderate breeze.

Evacuation orders and alerts remain in place for the area, which you can find out more about on the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen website.

(UPDATE: July 10th @ 10:30 a.m.) - The fire burning just north of Princeton is now up to 2,000 hectares and remains out of control.

There are now 61 firefighters battling the fire with seven helicopters and heavy equipment on scene as well.

An Incident Management Team took command of the site on Sunday.

There are evacuation orders in effect, which you can find out more about on the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen website.

(UPDATE: July 9th @ 11:45 a.m.) - According to the Kamloops Fire Centre, the Princeton fire remains at an estimated 1,500 hectares.

Currently, there are 50 firefighters, one helicopter, a response operators, heavy equipment and support personnel on scene.

An Incident Management Team is still set to take command of the fire on Sunday.

(UPDATE: July 9th @ 8:45 a.m.) - There are now 60 firefighters fighting the wildfire 10 kilometres northeast of Princeton.

Air support, however, is down to just two helicopters, with heavy equipment and support personnel on the ground.

The mandatory Evacuation Order has been expanded from 54 to 60 properties, which you can find out more about on the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen website.

An Incident Management Team will be assuming command of the site on Sunday. 

(UPDATE: July 8th @ 4:20 p.m.) - The Princeton wildfire remains at 1500 hectares in size, however is still classified as "out of control."

Resources being used to fight the fire on Saturday included 47 firefighters, three helicopters, two fixed-wing aircrafts, support personnel and a water tender.

Anyone who has been evacuated is urged to call and register at the Princeton Riverside Community Centre.

A mandatory Evacuation Order remains for 54 properties.

Evacuation Order includes Highway 5A between Summers Creek Road and Dry Lake, approximately 10 kilometres north of Princeton as well as the first 20 kilometres of Summer Creek Road.

Anyone at nearby Recreation Sites are advised to leave immediately.

The community of Missezula Lake, as the end of Summers Creek Road, has been placed on advisory Evacuation Alert. 

The Missezula Lake area, presently under advisory Evacuation Alert, contains an estimated 195 homes on 208 properties. There is no increased risk for Missezula Lake since last night and residents are asked to check the media and prepare for evacuation.

Information will be updated at the RDOS website.  At this time, 42 residents from 18 of the evacuated properties have registered with the Reception Centre in Princeton. A number of people self-evacuated north to Merritt. Those who self-evacuated north to Merritt can call the Princteon Reception Center at 250-295-1514 to register. The Thompson Nicola Emergency Operations Centre has been notified. 

(UPDATE: July 8th @ 8 a.m.) - The wildfire 10 kilometres north of Princeton is an estimated 1500 hectares in size.

Photo Credit: KelownaNow

Its currently listed as a Fire of Note and the cause is still unknown.

On Friday, 30 fire fighters were on site, but the smoke created difficulties for ground crews to fight the fire safely.

The fire grew quickly due to high winds in the area. What was initially listed as a 200-hectare fire has grown to 1500 hectares in size overnight.

Photo Credit: KelownaNow

One heavy equipment operator and one air tanker is being used as well as 30 BC Wildfire Service firefighters and the Princeton Fire Department.

An evacuation order is in effect.

For all Evacuation Orders, visit Emergency Info BC.

To stay updated on road closures, visit DriveBC.

To determine if your area's current air quality advisories, visit BC Air Quality.

(ORIGINAL: July 7th)- A wildfire broke out north of Princeton on Friday afternoon.

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has put up an evacuation notice for homes about 10 kilometres north of Princeton.

The following map, shows the evacuation areas.

Approximately 34 properties between Summers Creek Road and Dry Lake north of Princeton, along Highway 5A are being evacuated including the following:

Photo Credit: RDOS

The BC Wildfire Service, RCMP and the Town of Princeton Fire Service are on scene. An Emergency Social Services Reception Centre is being set up at the Riverside Community Centre in Princeton at 148 Old Hedley Road. DriveBC shows that Highway 5A between Aspen Grove and Princeton has been closed to traffic. Consult www.drivebc.com for updates

The Kamloops Wildfire Centre is still gathering information for an update.

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