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Kent Molgat | April 25, 2019 in Video

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After a few months of delays, BC's first Eat Clean Healthy Grill has now opened in Kelowna. The restaurant is located at the corner of Burtch and Harvey, serving up meals to fit almost any dietary preference.

The menu has a section for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, pro-athletic, bodybuilding and weight loss.

"The public has been eating it up," said Kelowna franchise owner Shane Scott. "We've had nothing but great reviews with regards to the meals that we're serving." 

The Kelowna location is the seventh in the country, with the original franchise in Newfoundland.

Photo credit: KelownaNow

Scott believes there are a lot of health conscious people in this community so he sees a big demand for a restaurant like this.

"The culture of this community is just based on staying healthy," he said. There's been an effort to keep the prices reasonable.

 Most meals are in the $15 range. "Our juices and smoothies are pretty well cheaper than any other place around and we use all fresh ingredients," added Scott.

Photo Credit: KelownaNow

There are a lot of different dietary goals that the menu accommodates, but the meals themselves aren't complicated.

"We're trying to bring simple back, but keep it healthy and give you the choice on what you want."

Photo credit: KelownaNow

Canada's newest Eat Clean Healthy Grill opened Monday, and already it's building a following. 

Photo credit: KelownaNow

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